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Arnie C, January 09, 2020
It seemed in 2019 I was anxious each month for a new film. From Glass (a super-villain team-up!) to Avengers: Endgame (how can they follow up infinity war?) to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Tarantino back with DiCaprio and Pitt in a Charles Manson story!) to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (can they […] (Read More..)
Arnie C, December 31, 2019
I keep reading articles and posts about how movies aren’t what they used to be. From Martin Scorsese, bitter about his Irishman distribution woes, to Spielberg decrying the “movie-ness” of streaming services, to box office reports of lower attendance. Yet I maintain the 2010s have had as many great films as any decade before. When […] (Read More..)
Arnie C, December 30, 2019
As we approach New Year’s, it’s a time to look back at what 2019 brought…and that means best of/worst of lists. I readily admit my movie watching in 2019 was dominated by Now Playing Podcast’s calendar. Many of the films in this list were reviewed on that podcast. Now to the list: 10. Between Two […] (Read More..)
Jason Latham, October 25, 2019
Need a soundtrack to fuel your Halloween festivities? The Now Playing Podcast team did the work for you! To celebrate the spooky season, and one of our favorite times of the year, we've compiled a collection of our favorite tracks from our favorite horror and slasher flicks. This playlist, which you can find on the […] (Read More..)
Arnie C, February 13, 2019
by Arnie Carvalho “No matter how much you love the original films in the Friday the 13th series, it’s virtually indisputable that the 2009 remake/reboot/re-imagining is far and away the best made of all of them.” — Adam-Troy Castro, “Can we now admit ‘Friday the 13th’ 2009 was damn good?” — Michael White, “It is one of the best film franchise reboots put out in theaters in the past 15 years.” — Jason Parker, Friday The 13th “I’ve always been of the mind (and it’s a hill I’ll die on), that it kinda just makes no sense to be a fan of the original Friday the 13th movies and yet not a fan of Friday the 13th ’09” — John Squires, Editor in Chief of Bloody, on Twitter “Stay away from this movie. It really is one of the bad ones…Run from this movie. Do not reward the makers with your money” — Arnie, Now Playing’s 2009 Podcast review “In three years no one, absolutely no one, will remember that they saw it, that they liked it, it will have no aftertaste whatsoever. People will remember the original, they will not remember this movie.” — Stuart, Now Playing’s 2009 Podcast review Still Now Playing 10 Years Later… Today is a momentous day in my life. It’s a birthday of sorts. While Now Playing Podcast started in 2007 it (like many shows, TV, radio, podcast, […] (Read More..)
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