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Jason Latham, February 25, 2017
Oscar nominations aren't everything. The Now Playing Podcast hosts made some Best Picture picks that you should check out. (Read More..)
Jason Latham, February 05, 2017
On the eighth anniversary of the Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan review, host Arnie Carvalho reflects on the behind-the-scenes craziness that listeners never heard on the air. (Read More..)
Jason Latham, February 02, 2017
Can Alice defeat the big boss and give the "Resident Evil" series a fitting ending--or do our hosts just want to hit the "reset" button and start the game over? (Read More..)
Jason Latham, January 27, 2017
The launch of Now Playing Podcast's Podbean support page has given listeners something many have been demanding for years: access to the show's celebrated bonus episodes, which had previously been available exclusively during Now Playing's bi-annual donation drives. With those episodes now available via Podbean purchase and subscription options, listeners have been able to catch […] (Read More..)
by Arnie C, January 24, 2017
Monogram International continues its blind-bagged key chain collections in 2017. Scheduled for release are Lilo & Stitch, Invader Zim, and Teen Titans Go! Collections. Plus there will be continuing series such as their Disney Series 9 & 10 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series 2. Most exciting for Marvel Comics fans, however, will be […] (Read More..)
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