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Arnie C, December 31, 2017
by Marjorie Carvalho   10. Kong: Skull Island I expected not to like this movie and was pleasantly surprised. A nice action film with some solid acting, it's interesting enough to keep you watching. It seems as if they played fast and loose with the historical accuracies, and some of the characters actions don't […] (Read More..)
jakob, December 30, 2017
by Jakob Conkling I feel I've never seen an adequate number of films to declare of "best of" until at least half way into the next year. As of writing this, I haven't seen many of the films I've been anticipating in 2017, such as The Shape of Water, Phantom Thread, and Baywatch. Rather, here […] (Read More..)
Arnie C, December 29, 2017
by Arnie Carvalho 2017 was a bit of a rough year for blockbusters, but I did see some all-time great films. As archived per my ratings on Letterboxd, here are the 10 best new films I saw this year.   10. The LEGO Batman Movie In January this year DC superheroes seemed doomed. Other than the […] (Read More..)
Arnie C, December 27, 2017
by Stuart Atkinson This whole year seemed riddled with animosity, upheaval, and social breakdown – qualities reflected in most of my favorite 2017 films. 10. Downsizing – Hang the marketers for pushing this apocalyptic sci-fi story as a broad comedy. It’s fairly short on jokes once Matt Damon gets small, and definitely leaves audiences […] (Read More..)
Arnie C, December 26, 2017
Hosted by Arnie Carvalho, Stuart Atkinson, and Jakob Conkling   Audiences have been tearing delusional actor/writer/director Tommy Wiseau apart for the last 14 years over his self-funded melodrama The Room. Can you ever really trust anyone who would recommend a movie this preposterous? Oh hi Jakob! Three's a crowd when the die hard Room-mate, his best friend […] (Read More..)
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