There is quite a bit of information out here to help you make the most of participating in gift exchange. Check it out and get started.

  • The Basics

    Gives you the idea being what a white elephant gift exchange is and gives some particulars about how we will run ours.

  • The Rules

    When you signup, these are the rules to which you are agreeing to. This defines what we expect you to do as your part in this exchange as well as spelling out some finer detials and some helpful tips.

  • Dates to Know

    We want to make sure the exchange runs in a timely fashion and to make sure holiday gifts arrive on time. Check these dates to know what you need to do and when. You are resposible for holding to these dates.

  • Signup Form

    If you are ready to join the gift exchange, use our web signup form to enter and join in the fun.

If you have any questions you can send them to or post in the forums and one of our elves will answer you.

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